Accommodations for 1/2 peoples

“ Kubuwan“ (right side) or “Kubutree“ (left) :   Ground floor of 40 square meters , including a king size bed, a working table, a wild cloakroom cabinet, a safe-box  and a bathroom with all western confort. 
Attached to the accommodation and facing the sea, a private terrace with table, chairs and mattress relaxation.  Access to the little gazebo front of the sea. The entire property is covered by the wifi.

KUBU GANESH Guesthouse is here

Direct acces to the sea

The guesthouse with the villa (right) and the 3 accommodations (left) 

The guest benjar with 3 accommodations (1) 

The guest benjar with 3 accommodations (2) 

Kubu 1 : for one or two people (right side) and Kubu 3 : for one or two people (left side)

View from the terraces (Kubuwan and Kubutree)

 Private terrace (Kubuwan and Kubutree)

Private terrace (Kubuwan and Kubutree)


Room Kubuwan (1)

Room Kubuwan (2)

Room Kubuwan (3)

 Room Kubuwan - details (4)

    Room Kubuwan - details (5)

 Room Kubuwan - details (6)


 Room Kubutree (1)

  Room Kubutree (2)

  Room Kubutree - details (3)

Room Kubutree - details (4)


 Bathroom Kubuwan or Kubutree


Office space Kubuwan or Kubutree

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